Internet Security 2014 - How to remove

Internet Security 2014

Internet Security 2014 is a fake antivirus program that was designed by cyber criminals and presents itself as a legitimate tool that can take care of your computer protection. The program is distributed using Trojan viruses that install the application to random systems without a user’s consent. Once inside, Internet Security 2014 uses a fake scanner which imitates looking for threats on your system. The program will warn that it detected a bunch of infections and offer you to download and install its full version in order to remove malicious files.

The thing is that, this so called full version is paid and that is how computer hackers get money. Although these scans are absolutely fake, many users fall for this scam as they look very convincing.  Additionally, Internet Security 2014 displays different popups and security notifications warning about system errors and other security related problems. They only strengthen the feeling that something wrong is going on and motivate you to purchase a full version of Internet Security 2014. Here are some messages that you may receive if your system got infected:

Security Warning
Malicious program has been detected. Click here to protect your computer.

Firewall Warning
Hidden file transfers to remote host has been detected.
has detected a leak of your files through the Internet. We strongly recommend that you block the attack immediately.

Finally, Internet Security 2014 blocks all of your legitimate programs, including Windows Task Manager and does not allow running any of them.  Instead, when you try to open any of your programs, you will receive a message saying that the file is infected and you have to activate Internet Security 2014 to protect your computer. This is just one more try to make you pay for a useless tool. Do not trust this malicious program and remove Internet Security 2014 as soon as you notice it on your computer using a reliable antispyware tool, for example, Spyhunter. Below you can find more detailed steps how to eliminate it from your computer:

  1. Stop the malware process. You will have to go to Start menu -> Run -> taskkill /F /IM amsecure.exe -> OK. Enter the “taskkill /F /IM amsecure.exe” line and click OK for several times, untill the malware window closes.”amsecure.exe” is a name of malware process, it might also be other names, “defender.exe” or “privacy.exe”. Another option is to press ctrl+shift+esc. This will launch task explorer. You should press “end program” button to kill malware process. Please note that the latter method is not a very reliable one.
  2. Reboot your computer into safe mode with networking and scan using Spyhunter or Hitman Pro. Please note that this fake antivirus might have come with rootkit therefore it is recommended to scan your computer using GMER, TDSS killer or other anti-rootkit tool. If Internet Security 2014 infects your c:\windows\system32\userinit.exe file, you will have to replace it with the one from backup location ( c:\windows\ServicePackFiles\i386\userinit.exe ).
  3. Remove Malware startup entry by launching msconfig and unchecking the malware process from startup list.

You may wish to watch this video of Internet Security 2013 virus (a similar to Internet Security 2014 virus) removal in order to better understand the steps:

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