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Council of Europe

Council of Europe virus is a dangerous ransomware that is distributed by Trojan viruses and that mainly concentrates on infecting computers in Europe but in some cases can target systems elsewhere in the world. As soon as it gets to the PC, the program makes some modifications on your browser, disconnects the Internet and when you try to surf it, displays a warning saying that Internet connections was temporarily blocked because you are suspected to violate some law related to pornography. Here is how the warning looks like:

Council of Europe
Internet access is temporarily blocked.
The Provisions of the fight against sexual exploitation of children and child pornography on the Internet complies with the provisions of a EU Council decision from December 2003. It gives the police powers to arrest those who are responsible for child online pornography, calls for the creation of the National Centre to combat child pornography on the Internet and establishes the Internet Service Providers have a legal obligation to adopt a filtering system to avoid access to sites censored by the Centre. To unlock access to the Internet, we need to establish you identity and submit your personal information to the registry.

If you want to unblock access to the Internet, Council of Europe virus will ask you to fill in a certain form by providing your personal information, including your name, address, date of birth and similar personal information. It will also ask you to pay EUR 0.01 with your credit card for identification purposes. The truth is, Council of Europe is trying to find out information about the details of your credit card and get access to your money. Once it reveals the number of your credit card, its expiration date and CVV number, it will steal your money.

Moreover, if your computer was infected with Europe of Council virus, it will most likely install Protominer to your machine. It is a bitcoining program that will be using your system resources and slowing down your computer’s performance. It can also connect your PC to a botnet and you will help cyber criminals to earn Bitcoins. Do not trust this warning, it’s just one more scam that was created with the only aim – to rip you off.

Remove Europe of Council virus immediately after it blocks your Internet access. Run a full scan using a reputable antispyware program, for example,  spyhunter or Hitman. You can use a USB drive to transfer anti-malware program to an infected PC. Make sure your antispyware is upgraded to the latest version to guarantee it will be able to detect and remove this ransomware.

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