Decrypt Protect Virus - How to remove

Decrypt Protect Virus

Decrypt Protect virus is a program classified as a ransomware. It’s a scam application that tries to scare computer users that they have violated the law and asks to pay a fine of $200 dollars. Basically Decrypt Protect virus accuses you of using and distributing copyrighted material and pornographic files. It completely blocks your computer, forbids access to your programs and tells that you have 48 hours to pay the fine otherwise you will have to deal with more serious consequences.

In fact, Decrypt Protect virus is not related to any legal institutions. It has been created by cyber criminals to trick computer users and make them pay money for nothing. These accusations about violating the law have no grounds and they should be ignored. Although the message by Decrypt Protect virus looks convincing, you should always doubt similar alerts because official authorities do not use such payment collection methods as prepaid payment systems and do not block computers remotely in order to inform about a law violated.

Decrypt Protect virus infiltrates into computers using Trojan infections which are able to get into random systems without users knowledge. Once inside, the program modifies system settings so that it could block your computer immediately. Despite how scary the situation looks like, you shouldn’t be tricked by this scam.

You must remove Decrypt Protect virus from your computer as soon as you detect it on your computer. If an infected computer had more than one user’s account and at least one of them is not blocked, the easiest way to remove infection is by logging in to an unaffected account. After you do this, scan whole PC with an anti-malware program, e.g. Spyhunter. You can also use System Restore. Restore your computer to the date before the infection. Please note that even though the blocking might have been removed, the virus would have remained inside your computer therefore it is extremely important to perform a full system scan using antimalware tools.

If you are not allowed to use any of the above methods, try restarting your computer and press F8 while it is restarting. Now you should try to select Safe Mode. If the virus blocks it, select Safe Mode with Networking. If it is also blocked, select Safe Mode with Command Prompt. Do the following:

Removal of Decrypt Protect virus with Safe mode or Safe mode with networking

  1. When your computer runs in a needed mode, launch MSConfig;
  2. Disable startup items rundll32 turning on any application from Application Data;. Note, that these are typical locations for Decrypt Protect virus but some others might be used;
  3. Restart the system once again;
  4. Scan with to identify Decrypt Protect virus files and delete it.

Here is a video of a very similar virus that illustrates what to do for it to be removed:

Removal of Decrypt virus with Safe Mode with Command Prompt

  1. When your computer works in a needed Mode, run Regedit;
  2. Search for WinLogon Entries. Write down all files it references that are not explorer.exe or blank. Replace them with explorer.exe.
  3. Search registry for Decrypt Protect virus files and delete the registry keys referencing the files.
  4. Try to reboot and scan with Spyhunter.
  5. If this fails, try doing system restore from safe mode with command prompt (rstrui.exe)

Automatic Malware removal tools

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