Security research resources are not aimed to generic public, but more for people learning how malware and viruses work, what are latest trends in malware, scams detection and removal techniques. For other resources, please check remaining security resource pages.

Malware researchers

S!Ri.URZ S!Ri.URZ, author of SmithFraudFix. Does research for malwarebytes anti-malware. Lots of valuable alerts about malware
Dancho Danchev Independent malware researcher. Posts quite insightful posts about scams, phishing attacks and malware
Chris Boyd (twitter) Chris Boyd aka paperghost on twitter. Researcher at GFI Software.
Graham Cluley (twitter) Graham Cluley is senior Senior technology consultant at Sophos.

Malware research communities

This section covers communities, dedicated to malware research that are not bound by single antivirus or antimalware tool company.

Information Security Community Linkedin community dedicated to information security. Over 56000 Members
Malware/Spyware/Security Researchers Malware and security researcher group on linkedin. Has 1400+ Members.
Reverse Engineering and Malware Research A malware research group on linkedin, 1000+ Members.