LeChiffre Ransomware - How to remove

LeChiffre Ransomware

LeChiffre Ransomware is a new infection that was developed by Russian cyber criminals. If it manages to infiltrate into your computer, it encrypts your important files and asks to pay a ransom to get the decryption key. We do not recommend following what LeChiffre Ransomware says and instead of paying, restore your files form a backup. Then remove this infection using a guide provided below this article.

We also recommend to get a better protection for your computer, so you would be able to prevent such application. Get a reputable anti-malware program, like Spyhunter or StopZilla and make sure you update them regularly. A good anti-malware will help you to avoid a lot of security problems.

About LeChiffre Ransomware

LeChiffre Ransomware targets various personal files, including, photos, videos, documents, databases, etc. It ads .LeChiffre files’ extension to each file and creates two files in each directory encrypted files are stored. Then it locks your computer screen and displays a warning that looks like this:


Your important files (photos, videos, documents, archives, databases, backups, etc.) which were crypted with the strongest military cipher RSA1024 and AES. No one can`t help you to restore files without our decoder. Photorec, RannohDecryptor, etc repair tools are useless and can destroy your files irreversibly. If you want to restore files – send e-mail to [email protected] with the file “_secret_code.txt” and 1-2 encrypted files less than 5 MB as *.doc *.xls *.jpg, but not database (*.900 *.001 etc). Please use public mail yahoo or gmail.

You will receive decrypted samples and our conditions how you`ll get the decoder. Follow the instructions to send payment.

P.S. Remember, we are not scammers. We don`t need your files. If you want, you can get a decryptor for free after 6 month. Just send a request immediately after infection. All data will be restored absolutelly. Your warranty – decrypted samples.

Pay attention that differently form other ransomware, LeChiffre Ransomware says that you can get a decrypt for free after 6 months if you send them one or two encrypted files that are less than 5 MB and then send a request immediately after infection. However, you should not trust them anyway, there are no guarantee that you will get the decryption key neither after paying not after waiting for 6 months. Most likely, the project will be “inactive” within this period and you will get nothing.

As we have already mentioned, the best is to restore your files from a backup and then remove LeChiffre Ransomware. Here is why it is extremely important to be making regular backups of your files. Also take a better care of your computer’s protection to avoid such infections in future.

Update: the decrypter is now available at here: link. You can download it for free and successfully decrypt your files.

How to avoid LeChiffre Ransomware

LeChiffre Ransomware is most likely distributed on some Russian websites. It may also try entering computers through spam emails. We strongly recommend browse more carefully and never open attachments of spam emails. Make sure you also have the best protection tools installed to your computer and upgrade them regularly.

If your system has already been affected, remove LeChiffre Ransomware as soon as possible.

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  1. Thanks, the tutorial helped me to remove the infection and restore locked files from a backup

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