Mozilla Firefox comeback: tempting features of voice search, file-distributing and note-taking


While Mozilla Firefox is one of the prevailing browsers that attempts to sustain its positions till its last breath, its popularity has been going downhill since the beginning of 2017. After examining statistical information about Firefox browsers, running on the newest versions, our team notices that Mozilla has been suffering from a gradual decrease in the amount of people that are running Firefox Desktop installations.

If you are wondering why this reduction is occurring, it is important to take a look at the persistent marketing strategies that Google has decided to implement for the sake of stealing users of other browsers.

Mozilla trial features

Do not get us wrong: Google Chrome is an efficient browsing application and we do not express any negative feedback. Nevertheless, notice that if you access any of Google services, you will get a recommendation to install Chrome? This aggressive promotion of Chrome endeavors to exploit Google’s monopoly position and lure new clients.

Whats’ new?

If you were wondering about returning or trying out Mozilla, here’s your lucky chance. Just yesterday Mozilla began Test Pilot experiments that will determine how voice search, built-in note taking and sharing of files will function on Firefox. The trial add-on can be downloaded from here if you wish to put the novel features to the test. Obviously, it depends whether new components will exceed expectations and be incorporated into a version of Mozilla Firefox. To help developers decide, don’t be shy to give these traits a test-run.

With the new add-on, users will have a chance of sharing files up to 1GB without any fee, and they will self-destruct after their expiration date. It is called “Send” and many independent developers stress out the new function’s convenience. To protect confidential and private files, Mozilla has explained that the file won’t be available for a specific amount of time: after sent file is downloaded by the recipient, it will be removed.

Another feature which is released on a trial basis encourages people to use their voices to enter search queries into search boxes of popular searching platforms. The third one, just like the second one, is not as astonishing: an add-on which will install a sidebar notepad into Mozilla firefox.

You would assume that if Mozilla is losing in the battle against Google, then Chrome product must be surpassing Firefox without any competition. However, not everything is that easy: Firefox is an efficient, secure and constantly-developing browser which deserves a solid amount of users. Its ratings have significantly dropped because of a wild-chase that Google has decide to complement: to extend its net and make sure that services would continue to grow (bring more profit).



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  1. I have been using Firefox for quit some time not sure if it is the best but it has always worked for me. not a real tech head but I like your info actually used it twice..keep up the good work

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