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Name: ByteFence
Type: Anti-Malware Tools,

ByteFence Review Details

ByteFence is anti-malware tool that can provide a computer with protection against malware, spyware and other computer infections. It should detect trojans, worms, spyware, crapware and other malware.

It also features real time protection mechanism and can detect incoming malware on the go. There are two versions of the program – free and pro, which is paid. It’s wort to mention that free version of ByteFence can only detect malware but not remove it. In order to eliminate detected threats you will be forced to purchase pro version of ByteFence or use other anti-malware software.

You can test a free version and see if it can detect malware on your computer. In case you are happy with the results, you can purchase premium version. Licence of ByteFence can be purchased as yearly or lifetime. However, some users are complaining that it’s difficult to remove free version of ByteFence, so think twice before actually installing it.

In addition to that, ByteFence is associated to browser hijacker. It’s believed that they are promoting and distributing actual anti-malware tool through this infection. That’s another reason not to trust it.

Overall, since there is a free version of this program and your web browser was not hijacked by, you can always try it and decide yourself whether you like the program or not. Purchasing the program is recommended only after you test it.


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