Anti Malware Tool Comparison

July 21, 2010 22:12

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    • Drake: You can use all of the tools. In case of SD, you will have to remove parasite files manually, but it will show location. You can also try hitman pro.

  1. I got this stupid virus “Vista Antivirus 2011” and and get popups and can’t go on the internet (im on my moms computer now) But i have downloaded Spyware Doctor, and have scaned and it toke like 20min. After that i tried to restart the computer, but its still the same shit?

    Please help me.
    /Lucas H.

    p.S Sorry for my bad english.

    • Kvark: That is quite misleading. There are quite a lot parasites for Linux, however they are less visible on the infected PC: Spam bots, Network worms and bots, rootkits, etc. Quite often one does not sees infection but might loose information or their PC might be used for illegal activities. There are few adware type of parasites for linux though.

  2. @drake b
    Avast anti virus (Free/Home version), SpybotSD (, ccleaner (, are the only programs you need for fixing/preventing 99.9% of anything malicious that could affect your personal PC. They are all free and from experience the best utilities for fixing just about any system issue.

    • Jaguar: partly agree – they are good. But this combo is far from 99,9% :). Speaking about Spybot, I recommend checking their databases (they publish them on website) against ones published by other anti-malware tools makers and check parasite addition dates. CCleaner is not anti-malware tool, but it is my registry cleaner of choice too 🙂

  3. Hi, I’m fifteen and my laptop is currently undergoing the problem with ‘Win 7 Total Security’ and currently i’m downloading Spyware Doctor (thankfully my internet is working!). I was reading thru some other forums and they suggested opening the task manager and ending the process of ‘Win 7 Total Security’. The problem is that i can’t seem to find the process. Also I ran a full PC scan with my McAfee but it did not find any virus or infection….. Why??
    Please clear my queries so that I may have better knowledge about such malware.

  4. ok so I ran spyware doctor and when it detected the infection, it got rid of it. But i’m still doubtful whether the malware has been completely removed or not. Even McAfee couldn’t track it!
    What should I do?

    Waiting on the first post to be answered,

    • Vaichi: No antivirus solution is 100%. Where one fails, other pick up and remove the infection.
      Spyware Doctor is more specialized in malware sector than Mcafee.

  5. I have apparently been infected by the fake “windows vista repair” scam which rode on a trojan into my system. i am administrator of my system & that appears to be the main user being affected. i was able to get on another user to get online, where i then dowloaded a free version of AVG. It found and fixed some suspicious files, however, my user screen is still void of all the icons that were originally on my desktop (black screen), and everytime I manually go into “program files” to open a program, i get the “Hard drive failure! or not enough RAM memory” (among other…) notice & sometimes it even shuts down. Any suggestions?

  6. I have Asus gaming laptop, that has the latest version of windows vista on it. i some how got the 32 blaster worm virus on it, and am at a loss as to how i fix it. I don’t have much money right now, but i really need my laptop running fully. I’m decently technosavvy, but im really at a loss as to what to do. Can you help?

  7. Talo: check your updates from microsquish for Vista. i run vista myself and every month there’s an update to check for the blaster & several others that are common to vista. if you don’t have it set up to show yer updates automatically you can click on the start button, select all programs & look for windows update. there should be an update for that & Sasser, MyDoom. i believe the selection is KB890830

  8. I was told that I had to buy PCtools with Antivirus in order to solve the problem of Malware on my computer. I already had Registry Mechanic on my computer and had done a scan. It did not find the problem. I was told I could just download the software from another machine to a CD and carry it to the infected computer. Only the setup file is saved. I spent 30 minutes waiting for tech support and 20 minutes trying to get the customer support representative to understand what trying to do. He would not elevate me to a higher support representative until I had tried to run the setup file on the infected computer. The infected computer will not go into safe mode with networking but he would not listen to me. They are a load of crap and do not understand english.

  9. Tried Spyhunter but it said that the Admnistrator (me) set up blocks to keep the program from running.

    This is crazy – have tried so many ways to stop this and nothing seems to be working! My classes start in 10 days and I need my system! My new job starts Monday! PLEASE HELP!

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