Roguekiller review

Roguekiller is a small utility for Rogue and ransomware removal.  It is developed by small team and thus it is not a full anti-malware program, but it is highly useful once your PC is infected.  This makes it an Emergency scanner. Rogue killer does not target adware and only limited subset of hijacks, thus it is not useful in all cases.

Once you launch Roguekiller it will start a short initial scan and then you can check for updates or run a full system scan against known parasites. Once the scan is finished, you can remove the detected items. Rogue killer does not provide full information about items detected, but it removes them for free. The lack of information might be an issue as you won’t be able to determine if it is false positive or not.

The program is donation supported.

Overall I think that Roguekiller is a very good tool at fighting specific infections.

Positive Sides of Roguekiller

  • Small size
  • Free
  • Highly effective against specific parasites

Negative Sides of Roguekiller

  • Separate downloads for 32 and 64 versions
  • Not so effective against other parasite types. 

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