Iobit Toolbox review

Iobit Toolbox is a security and computer repair toolkit provided by Iobit. This toolkit consists of many tools that helps in cases of PC malfunction, however it is aimed for more advanced user. The biggest drawback of this toolset is that IOBIT 360, Anti-Malware scanner of Iobit, is no longer maintained or distributed. Thus you should resort to other malware scanners in such cases.
The toolbox is downloaded as one zip file that can be extracted to USB drive prior usage. It has main executable, that allows launching other tools, although each of them can be used separately too. The programs are distributed into 5 sections depending on situations used : Clean, Optimize, Repair, Security and Control.
Clean section of Iobit Toolbox has Registry cleaner, Privacy Sweeper, IoBit uninstaller, Disk Analyzer and File Shredder. I have looked at Iobit Registry cleaner more closely and I am not so happy with optimization it provides : It labels relatively harmless empty keys as High Risk, thus misleading user.
Optimize section has following utilities : Smart Ram, Internet booster, Startup Manager, Registry and Disk defragmenters. Most of these utilities are not so useful in my opinion, and the effect is questionable. However, Smart Defrag might be useful utility to run occasionally.
Repair section deals with programs used for repairing configuration, disk or uncareful deletion errors. These utilities are useful after malware attack as well.
Security section has utilities to scan for security holes, check running processes, manage drivers and a link to non-working Iobit Security 360. The Security Hole scanner detected optional windows updates (language packs) as possible security upgrade for my own PC. This is not exactly true. The process manager is useful tool, but not so convenient like Process Explorer or Hijackfree from Emsisoft.
The control section has various utilities for providing more information about PC: searches for duplicate files, shows system info, deletes empty folders and provides interface for system settings change. In my personal opinion, they are not something one would use often.
My overall impression with Iobit Toolbox is following. This is useful set of tools, that are not the best, but would do the job in some cases. One could assemble a better set from tools of various different vendors.

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