Adwcleaner review

Adwcleaner is one of the junkware cleaning utilities that help fighting adware and browser hijackers. It is simple but very useful utility to clean parasites that are not detected by typical antivirus programs. This kind of borderline programs like PUPs, Adware or Hijackers are extremely annoying but not that dangerous to be included in virus databases.

Adwcleaner does not requires install and can be run from desktop. It has several useful options : to scan PC for adware and to delete them. The scan took me less than one minute and it successfully detected Delta search hijacker I had pre-installed on the PC.  Additionally, it detected the BrowserProtect – annoying program that freezes browser settings and prevents browsers to revert to regular search engine.

The removal process was quick as well, though it required system reboot to remove some locked files. However, not all settings were reverted back: while Firefox search was returned to google, the newtab URL remained hijacked, and other browser settings was left completely unmodified. Thus you would need to restore them manually using redirect virus guide. However, as the browser freeze would be gone, the process is much simpler.

Adwcleaner got purchased by Malwarebytes. While this program is still maintained, the majority of development goes to main Malwarebytes program.

Overall Adwcleaner is a good removal utility.

Positive Sides of Adwcleaner

Adwcleaner is a fast and eficient Browser Cleaner program. Also it is completely free.

Negative Sides of Adwcleaner

Does not reset all settings back after removing the junkware.

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