Tilde ransomware - How to remove

Tilde ransomware

Tilde virus has been released to the society and threatens anyone who has not done his/her homework: hasn’t got the chance to store their files in backup storages instead of keeping the only originals in their PC. Ransomware infections thrive from this careless attitude. If you have your valuable data stored in your USB or an online storage, you have nothing to worry about. In case of an infection with Tilde ransomware virus, you can immediately remove it from your system: it will be like a detoxification process from a toxic substance.

About Tilde ransomware

You might be wondering why it is called Tilde virus: it was come to be known by the name of Tilde because it leaves a very specific extension to the files it corrupts: .~. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and start from the beginning. In some aspects, Tilde ransomware is just like any other this type of infection. It surely has a couple of bizarre factors, making it stand out from the pile. However, its basic strategies are regarded to be very similar: Tilde virus inserts its payload into your PC: techniques how will be discussed in the section of distribution. Then, ransomware modifies your Windows Registry Keys in order to be ran every time you launch your computer system. Now Tilde virus can complete a precise scan, looking for potential files to be ruined. After it find the required amount of data, it start the encryption process using AES algorithm. However, in the letter of demands left as .ini or .bmp files, Tilde virus gives a hint that it uses a RSA algorithm. To get more information about what crooks expect from you, read the following note:

“All your system is encrypted.
All your files (documents, photos, videos) were encrypted.
It’s impossible to get access to your files without necessary decrypt key.
All your attempts to solve problem yourself will be unsuccessful!
We suggest you to read some articles about this type of encryption:
Now you have two options to solve the problem:
1. Format your hard disk. This way you’ll lose all your files.
2. Pay 0.8 Bitcoin and get key of decryption. At the end of this ad you’ll see your personal ID and our contact information.
Now you should send us email with your personal ID. This email
will be as confirmation you are ready to pay for decryption key.
After payment we’ll send you key of decryption with instructions how to decrypt the system.
Please, don’t send us emails with threats. We don’t read it and don’t reply!
We guarantee we’ll send you the decryption key after your payment so you’ll get access to all your files.
Our e-mail address: [email protected]

How to Decrypt Encrypted Files by Tilde Ransomware?

Tilde virus has been discovered very recently and security researchers have not figured out the best way to crack this infection. As we have already mentioned, storing files in backup storages leaves you completely immune to ransomware viruses and it does not matter what type of encryption ciphers they use. However, if you have not listened to our advice, the activity of a ransomware virus can be extremely frightening. Do not pay the 0.8 BTC (about 517.41 US dollar) for the decryption key: it is not worth it. Try to use file-recovery tools. Furthermore, you can try to contact the creators of Tilde ransomware via the provided email address ([email protected]) and request that at least one file would be decrypted. Declare that you want to make sure that the decryption key actually exists and is able to do its task. After hackers send the decrypted file back, you will have a very useful combo: the encrypted and the decrypted piece of data. With these two you can turn to Kaspersky tools and see whether it is possible to restore the rest of your files.

Update: the decrypter is now available at here: link. You can download it for free and successfully decrypt your files.

How is Tilde Ransomware Distributed?

Crooks have realized that one of the successful methods to spread ransomware viruses is via email accounts that normally all Internet users have. Shady programmers send letters to random people, offering some sort of services, upgrades, information, notifications or alerts. The infectious letter can be recognized because usually, this type of messages are encouraging people to enter a link or to download an attachment. If you are doubting the nature of the received email, do not open it. In fact, it would be best to regularly wipe out all Spam folders clean.

To eliminate Tilde ransomware virus more quickly and almost without any efforts, utilize your antivirus tool. If you do not have one, we can rest assure you that there are numerous applications that you can use. To narrow the scope, we offer Spyhunter and Malwarebytes.

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