NanoLocker Ransomware - How to remove

NanoLocker Ransomware

NanoLocker Ransomware is a dangerous program that can take over literally any computer, encrypt important files and ask for a payment if users wants to get their files decrypted. This malicious threat is installed to systems as a Trojan virus. Once inside, it scans the system for files with particular extensions and locks them. NanoLocker Ransomware uses AES-2258 algorithm to encrypt the files. It is also known to delete Volume Shadow Copies to make it even more difficult for the users to recover their files.

About NanoLocker Ransomware

Just like other ransomware programs, NanoLocker Ransomware displays a message on the victim’s computer saying that all his files have been encrypted and if you want to recover them, you have to pay a ransom via BitCoin system. It also gives you a limited time to do that and warns that if they time is over, you will lose the files without any chance to get them back. Here is what the warning by NanoLocker Ransomware looks like:

Your important files encryption produced on this computer: photos, videos, documents, etc.
If you see this text, but do not see “NanoLocker” window, then your antivirus deleted “NanoLocker”from computer. If you need your files, you have to recover “NanoLocker” from the antivirus quarantine, filename is: windsk.exe
In case of emergency, you can contact support via email:

Approximate destruction time of your private key:

If the time is finished you are unable to recover files anymore!

Despite a clear warning that you will lose your files if you do not pay, it is not recommended to follow that NanoLocker Ransomware tells you to do. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees your files will be decrypted even after paying the ransom. The best solution is to recover your files from a backup. This is a very strong reason to perform regular backups. If you don’t have the back up, we suggest checking out tools like Photorec or R-Studio. They may help you to decrypt your locked files.

How to avoid NanoLocker Ransomware?

NanoLocker Ransomware usually spreads with spam emails attachments. Make sure you never open them, even if they look like some important documents. Ransomware creators often imitate they are sending you some of your financial statements or other important information that comes in .docx, .vbs, .bat, .exe, .pdf, .rar or .zip files. Be extremely careful and never open anything that looks suspicious for you. Also make sure have reliable security tools installed to your system. We recommend downloading an anti-malware program, like Spyhunter or Malwarebytes in addition to an antivirus program.

Make sure you remove NanoLocker Ransomware from your system. We have provided a guide below explaining how to do it.

Update: the decrypter is now available at here: link. You can download it for free and successfully decrypt your files. However, the virus must be caught early in order to be able to decrypt files.

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