Kangaroo Ransomware - How to remove

Kangaroo crypto-ransomware is not an animal that you should wish to tame for your entertainment. It is a wild creature and it will act as vicious like any other animal. In this case, we are referring to a virtual virus and you can have your security jeopardized by it if you open infectious email letters or visit domains that are plotting against their visitors. Kangaroo virus belongs to a very particular category of diseases: ransomware. This name refers to infections that are supposed to bring terror to Internet users by demanding a ransom. There is a belief that this specific variant is related or produced by the authors of other similar threats. After Kangaroo virus manages to transform your files into nonfunctional and useless, it will add .crypted_file extension to each one. For example, your Essay.doc will become Essay.doc.crypted_file after being encoded. If you have an assignment due in a couple of days and its file gets ruined, you will feel a strong impulsion to pay the demanded ransom.

About Kangaroo Ransomware

Kangaroo virus lacks originality, but even the old tricks are enough to bring misery to Internet users’ without much trouble. To get ransomware distributed extremely successfully, crooks design fake email letters that are delivered to random people’s inboxes. Most of the time the received messages require undivided attention from the user. After he/she gets tricked into downloading a payload of ransomware, computers become tainted. The changes that are going to be done by a ransomware virus can be unnoticeable, but their significance is undeniable. For the encryption to properly work, Kangaroo virus has to make modifications to Windows Registry Keys for the sake of getting launched with the entire computer system and other applications. Never trust hackers because they will only trick you into paying money and make you believe that there is a chance of them being genuine.


The creators of Kangaroo virus assigned AES encryption for the vicious cyber attacks on computer users. Its way of functioning is considered to be similar to former infections like Apocalypse ransomware. After Kangaroo virus has slit the throats of your data and left it bleeding, it will choose to inform a victim of its activity. Of course, the creators of the infection will also be enlighten about a newly caught fish. As every virus attempts to instruct, there is no way of saving oneself without the help from hackers. In this case, the founders try to look helpful, friendly even, suggesting that users’ data has been blocked for protection measures. Nevertheless, these statements are not truthful as the encryption was accomplished for hackers’ sake and benefit.

How to Decrypt Files Encrypted by Kangaroo Ransomware?

Victims are instructed to contact the hackers of Kangaroo virus by email. [email protected] is the address left behind. Since the ransom is not indicated in the ransom, we have other ideas. Once a victim engages in email exchange between him/her and hackers, these sneaky parasites will send a more detailed description of the demands. Among these requirements, users will find a specific amount of bitcoins that are regarded as the fee for Kangaroo decryption software. Never decide to voluntarily communicate with people, responsible for ransomware viruses. They will abandon you once the transaction is send or provide you with a useless decryption key/program. If you have not encountered a ransomware virus, we strongly urge you to look into backup storages and to find the most appropriate one for you.

Update: the decrypter is now available at here: link. You can download it for free and successfully decrypt your files.

How is Kangaroo Ransomware Distributed?

In the preceding sections, we hinted that ransomware viruses have a habit of selecting spam as a method for distribution. This notion is correct as people’s inboxes are often filled with bizarre letters that seem to be urgent. However, this is a mere hoax to trick you into opening the letter. It might be that figures with authority are going to send you letters, reporting about issues that have to be sorted out as soon as possible. Crooks even pretend to be from notorious companies in order to seem more trustworthy. Make it a habit to always check if the source (sender) of the email is the official email address of the company/individual. If not, then peacefully delete the message without worrying about it too much. If you wish to remove Kangaroo virus, do it with respectable anti-malware tools. Spyhunter or Hitman are capable of removing parasites and keeping your device clean.


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