CryptoShocker Ransomware - How to remove

CryptoShocker Ransomware

People should be obligated to regularly retrieve information about the newly-made viruses or potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). In this article we are focusing on a specific new ransomware product, with the name of CryptoShocker. It does not strike as an innovative approach from hackers as it follows former ransomware’s tracks.

About CryptoShocker Ransomware

Threats from CryptoShocker ransomware are beyond dispute, no matter how you look at it. This virus is sneaky and selfish, loyal to please its developers, trying to convince users that paying a ransom is a logical and practical way-out. However, security researchers have made numerous attempts to open user’s eyes to the undeniable truth: transferring sums should not even be considered as a possible option.

CryptoShocker ransomware becomes functional after its victorious infiltration in computers. It acts like an old war veteran and conceals its existence from the inattentive eyes with a camouflage, made out of an executable file. These seemingly functioning files are hidden in such categories: %AppData, %Roaming%, %User’s Profile%, %My Documents%, %Desktop%, %Windows%. So these places should be the first ones to be examined for random files like: windows-update.exe, 32r209239032r.exe, svchost.exe or wsus.dll. Now, that it has hidden itself in the ill-famous Trojan virus style, the time has come for CryptoShocker to proceed with its dirty plans.

CryptoShocker ransomware begins to encrypt files with an AES encryption code. It has not been clearly estimated, how strong is the selected code. Researches have only concluded that it might range from 128 to 512 bit encryption. Files, encrypted by CryptoShocker, will have a mark of .locked added to them. So, if users had a filed called dog.jpg, after ransomware corruption, it might have become dog.jpg.locked. This tactic is used by hackers to scare their victims even more as they can actually witness the encryption happening around them.

Of course, people who have no idea what a ransomware infection is, cannot be expected to know all of the details and demands beforehand. CryptoShocker is ‘helpful’ enough to place an ATTENTION.url file on the desktop. After opening it, people will see a composed ‘poem’ of requirements, called “If they ever want to execute the encrypted files again”. Ransom of 200 dollars will be the demanded sum to be transacted in bitcoins.

How to Decrypt Files Encrypted by CryptoShocker Ransomware?

At the moment, no tool has been created to focus on the CryptoShocker ransomware decryption. However, we are sure that security researchers are trying to come up with a new recovery tool for maximum effectiveness. For now, you can exploit universal recovery tools like PhotoRec or R-Studio. They do not always seem to work, but in some cases these applications are capable to restore the encrypted data. Or at least parts of it.

Also, if you have been smart enough to put files in back-up storages, you have an uncomplicated solution to your problem.

How is CryptoShocker Ransomware Spread?

CryptoShocker virus does not have an official distributer. Actually, the main dangers to start suffering from ransomware infection lies in user’s email accounts. Spam letters are known to spread viruses, to push ransomware infections via untrustworthy attachments. People sometimes fall into the professionally modeled traps because the messages seem to be originating from legitimate and official sources. It might seem like genuine deals to update your software or facilities by other trusted companies. Attachments will be added to the letter and that right there, is a real devil in disguise.

If you recognize yourself in this scenario as the person who opened such message, hurry up to scan your computer with anti-virus programs like Spyhunter, Hitman You might still put an end to this madness, if the encryption of your files has not yet begun. If it has, use the mentioned anti-malware tools to conquer this virus.

Update: the decrypter is now available at here: link. You can download it absolutely for free and successfully decrypt your files.

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