Cyber Police Android Virus

Blue Coat Systems has reported about a new malware that attacks older Android phones, when you are simply visiting a website. The page is not known yet, but it is pretty obvious that it is a porn websites. Once infected, you will receive a warning on your computer screen saying that your device has been locked because of some illegal actions you have made. It also says that you have 72 hours to pay a fine, otherwise, the case will be transferred to the police department.


Many users get scared of this message and they agree to pay whatever it take to avoid any possible punishment. However, if you have heard of those FBI related viruses, you will understand the purpose of this Cyber Police Android Virus too. Once again cyber criminals are using the name of official government entities to scare users and rip them off.

Beware that this particular malware only attacks phones that have Android 4.0 through Android 4.3. Despite those are older Android models, that still makes million of users as potential victims. Since it is really easy for the malware to get inside (a user only needs to visit a website with a certain code), that is another reason to think that millions of users can be infected.

The good news is that you only need to reset factory settings and American National Security Agency Android virus will be removed. We strongly recommend be more cautious while browsing the web and avoid visiting possible inffected websites.

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