Microsoft Officially Releases New Anti-bloatware Tool for Windows 10

Microsoft Officially Releases New Anti-bloatware Tool for Windows 10

Microsoft officially releases new anti-bloatware testing tool for Windows 10. This tool is specifically designed to clean your PC from unnecessary space-consuming apps which accompany any software packages, even the ones downloaded and installed directly from their manufacturers. It is rather complicated to remove the pre-installed bloatware from one’s computer system. So this new utility installs a completely fresh bloatware-free copy of Windows onto Windows 10 PCs and mobile devices. This is a clear declaration of Microsoft in support of clean software.

This app was first brought to light in May. It aims at nearly every PC user since additional junk apps exist on almost every computer. On the occasion of Windows 10 Anniversary, which was last week, the tool is included in the Microsoft’s second test build. As it has been clarified above, the feature reinstall a new copy of the operating system without the hardware drivers and support apps, known as ‘‘crapware’’ or ‘‘bloatware’’. The latter applications are typically featured on new notebooks and Android devices. They are embedded by the manufacturer and, thus, problematic to get rid of. What is more, such pre-added programs often have security flaws which make the computer system vulnerable to outside threats.

Microsoft’s so-called Signature products are promoted as ‘‘safest’’ devices which do not incorporate any preinstalled bloatware. But, there is some nuance. These bloatware-free products often comprise OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) updates which might have some additional features. Microsoft states that the Signature edition PC is a useful tool to be purchased but, on the other hand, it does not provide you with the guarantee of completely flaw-free software.

Microsoft will also release Windows 10 Anniversary Update this year.


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