Examine your Snapchat account: is it safe?

Snapchat is one of the entertaining social networking platforms that has gained the trust of millions of users all over the world. An app that is easy to operate, does not require much space in the device and provides a fun way to interact with friends was set for success. Application also adjusts to the season of the year, suggesting to try out exciting filters. However, this is a relatively simple app, considering that it has reached such major victory in the social networking circle. Probably one of the features that was the most welcome by the users was that the photos they sent around were deleted and the recipients were unable to download them. To deal with the people who manage to screenshot the received content, Snapchat also came up with an idea: now, you will be informed if the person you sent your photo was able to save a screenshot. Nevertheless, platforms that provide services for millions of users are bound to suffer from setbacks sooner or later.

Yes, Snapchat has survived a couple of battles with hackers that exploited deceptive strategies to gain insight about the user community of Snapchat. This is a disturbing interference with users’ privilege to express themselves and communicate with their friends and family. Do you feel insecure while sending snaps to people from your contact list? Are you afraid that a rogue third-party is getting access to view your photo? Stop worrying and check whether there is any reason to. Of course, the following tips apply to any account that you might control.

If a website that you set to log you in automatically repetitively requires you to type in your credentials then it is possible that someone else might have access to your accounts. When they log off, your next visit demands you to log in again. Okay, let’s say you entered your profile. Has it changed in any way that was not authorized by you? New friends, new nickname, unknown posts? It might be that an unidentified source made those changes. In addition to that, various facilities assign security measures that inform users if their data was been changed. It should also send you a notification every time your account has been entered from a different IP address. Sadly, not all online services have this convenient feature.

If you have not noticed any of these signs, you are lucky. However, let’s not call it luck: if you have worked hard to protect your accounts, this expression derogates your efforts. What kind of efforts are we referring to? Well, you should always try to create extremely difficult passwords for your accounts. Avoid cliché codes that are utilized by millions of other users.

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