Dvmap Trojan detected and ousted from Google Play Store


Google Play Store once gain is forced to flush with embarrassment after yet another program from their store was labeled as dangerous. The service took control over the situation and quickly removed the stealthy Dvmap Trojan, hiding behind ColourBlock application which appears to function on a very simple principle. The latter virus was determined to be an innovating malware as full-on code infection was not a concern for Android users until now.

No other preceding variants exploited the strategy of concealing their payloads and injecting the executable into Android’s system files. The Trojan was determined to be quite difficult to both detect and to eliminate from an infected operating system. It will not budge even after scans with anti-malware tools or a reset. A total reformation of the operating system has been determined to be the sole solution to this problem. Since this option is not the easiest, owners of mobile phones won’t be able to pursue it without assistance from professionals.

Security researchers have explained that the application won’t demonstrate any suspicious symptoms that would make users question its stability. The fact that the rogue gaming program used secretive strategy to conceal encrypted files it was not red-flagged by any of the users, all 50,000 of them. After the application is placed into an Android device, then owners of the app would send an update for it.

What is unrevealed to the users is that by installing the update, they are permitting the malicious payload to become active. During the process, the dangerous payload will obtain privileges of administrator and will continue on disrupting the device. Soon enough, the payload can initiate any command it wishes, steal your credentials, spy on you via camera and microphone components.

Currently, this threat to cybersecurity has been demolished and there is no sign of ColourBlock app in the Google Play Store. Little do we know, there might be a lot of sources of malware in this store. Since it is difficult to review thousands for Android devices, we realize that assuring that all of them are secure is a real struggle. The situation intensifies when malware introduced novel techniques, like Dvmap Trojan that cunningly injects itself into system libraries.

Have you downloaded the ColourBlock application and jeopardized your security in the process? We have already mentioned the appropriate to get rid of Dvmap malware. It is clear that the removal objective is not easy: we suggest visiting a professional IT specialist that will reset compromised Android for you. For the future reference, avoid installing random applications from the Google Play App store: it would be the safest to not to clutter your device with tons of gaming applications and other programs.

Source: androidheadlines.com


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