Decryption of Cryakl ransomware now available for free

Cryakl ransomware virus was first reported in autumn of 2015, and numerous investigations did not lead to any positive news for victims of this malware. However, thanks to endless efforts from founders of “No More Ransom” campaign, victims of Cryakl virus can finally recover their data completely for free.

Victims of Cryakl crypto-malware: recover your data for free!

Cryakl infection had infected thousands of people all over the globe. Victims from Russia, Italy, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Belgium, Poland, Austria and France all have had the nauseating feeling of having all of their digital files encrypted by crypto-malware. Cryakl virus demanded that victims would pay their ransoms in a week: if not, then all of the digital files would be deleted.

Free decryptor of Cryakl virus

Kaspersky Lab and Belgian National Police should be credited for the creation of a free decryption tool. Belgian Federal Computer Crime Unit did not hesitate to initiate an investigation when people from Belgium began falling like leaves to Cryakl virus. Thanks to the analysis, unit was able to locate the C&C server in Germany. Belgian Police managed to get their hands on the detected servers and obtain the necessary decryption keys.

“No More Ransom” project already has 120 partners

Security researchers dedicate their time and resources in order to make sure that the cyber world would become a safer place for all. Together with authorities of different countries, cyber specialists have showed great promise in the investigations to come. Sooner or later, the good guys are going to win against the greedy hackers.

“No More Ransom” initiative began as a project by Europol, the Dutch National Police, McAfee and Kaspersky Lab. However, more researchers are starting to fight in the war against ransomware viruses and their devious creators. Currently, “No More Ransom” campaign has 120 partners in total, and the majority of them are cyber security companies.

Europol has released a statement, celebrating the fact that more and more partners are becoming involved with the “No More Ransom” project. According to them, more than 35,000 people have now used free decryption tools to recover their digital data.

Nonetheless, you cannot count on the founders and partners of “No More Ransom”. Despite their great efforts, it is not always possible to create free decryption tools. In some cases, ransomware viruses are just too sophisticated, and victims have no other choice but to pay the ransom or consider their data lost.

Therefore, we are urging you to back up your files in online storages. If you do this, there will be no reason for you to pay the ransom or pray to the gods that security researchers would generate a free file-recovery tool.


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