Dark web: what is it and how to access it

Dark web or Darknet has gotten a reputation for being a real paradise falls for hackers and users that are looking for rare, possibly illegal, objects that would not be sold anywhere on the surface web. To find some inhumane and shocking details that are concealed from the naive visitors of the Internet, you have to access the Dark web or at least the Deep web. In comparison, these two concepts are usually mentioned side-by-side.

Deep web term refers to those websites that are not included into search engines, which are the main source for your Internet exploration. To access Deep web, you have to know the exact URL since you won’t detect it among the search queries that are delivered by, let’s say, Google.

We decided to explain the concept of the Dark web after we became informed about the fact that a crook has managed to hack into the Sanctuary Dark Web marketplace. We do not recommend exploring nor Dark web nor are you advised to visit domains that are assigned to the Deep web. There are many gruesome and haunting stories about both of these places, from propositions to download illegal drugs to recipes how a woman should be properly cooked.

However, traumatizing experience is not the only argument against your exploration of these vicious places. Many users have learned their lesson when they started to fear for their own safety. Some people have discovered pictures of themselves on the Deep web and even received threats. Additionally, some wannabe explorer explained that immediately after starting to browse the net via TOR browser, received a suspicious phone call. So, dark and deep webs are not fun and games, but can seriously frighten you.

Dark web is extremely popular among cyber criminals as they can exchange information and other services much more freely. You should already bye aware of the fact that RaaS (ransomware as a service) propositions often circulate on the forums of Dark web. While it is relatively uncomplicated to explore both of the corners of the Internet, but downloading the Tor browser could be a very dangerous game to play. You know that curiosity killed the cat; a similar fate awaits you if you decide to recklessly visit random websites via TOR. Users have reported to suffer from financial losses, loss of privacy and confidential details. It is difficult not to lose track of the websites you visit.

There is a reason why normal search engines do not pick up websites that are regarded as a part of Dark/deep web: they are trying to protect you from potentially hazardous material. So, the final verdict: it might be interesting to surf the Dark or the Deep web, but the consequences might be catastrophic.

Source: darkwebnews.com

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