Warning! Identity theft attempt detected

“Warning! Identity theft attempt detected” is a fake security warning that comes from various rogue antispyware programs, including Security Master AV, Antivirus 7 and similar. A full message of the warning looks like this:

Internet Shield: Identity theft attempt detected

Warning! Identity theft attempt detected
Attacker IP:
Security risk
Attack target: Microsoft Corp. keys
Description: Remote host tries to get access to your personal information
Recommended: Please click “Prevent attack” button to heal all infected files and protect your PC”

Such security alert is very typical way to scare computer users into believing their computers are badly infected. The purpose of them is to promote rogue programs as a legitimate antispyware tools and make the user purchase them.

Do not trust this fake security warning if you received it on your system. Please use a legitimate antispyware program for automatic removal of this adware.


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  1. I received the Identity theft attempt detected on one of our other computers. it was associated with Windows Accelerator Pro. Of course it wants me to purchase this premium program and I see it is one of the viruses out. I cannot seem to bypass it in order to try to manually remove it from my control panel. Can you help?

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