Unofficial fix for a vulnerability in Windows OS: should you take it?

A struggle between two rivalry parties still appears to relevant. You might have already heard of an incident when Project Zero, an establishment from Google, disclosed some explicit information about a flaw in Windows operating systems. Like it could have been predicted, this was quite a scandal. Why? Well, Google discovered the vulnerability. Then, it shared this finding with Microsoft and required that a patch would be released in the next 90 days. Then, obediently, Microsoft fixed the vulnerability, but not quite. As the researchers discovered, the flaw remained executable. When the patch was not released and delayed once again, Google could not control its urge to make the vulnerability public. Now, you are up to speed with the situation.

While Microsoft prepares to release a patch on the 14th of March (pretty soon), researchers that are unrelated with Microsoft try to be the heroes. Analysts from ACROS Security claim to have produced a temporary fix for the vulnerability in Windows operating systems. While this seems all good and nice, we face a dilemma: should users take advantage out of this third-party fix or wait a couple of days until the official one gets released?

It can be quite tricky to recommend the best option. We predict that decisions will be individual for every user. The fix is available for Windows 10 64 bit, Windows 8.1 64 bit, Windows 7 64 bit and Windows 7 32 bit and is not identified as long-term. In fact, once Microsoft patches the flaw, ACROS Security will make their own fix unavailable. The company also produced a video, showing how the detected flaw could be exploited and fixed.

If you wish to be secure for the remaining 7 days, you can give the temporary fix a chance. If not, wait for the official patch. It really depends on your opinion. As for us, we would probably wait for news from Microsoft. You should always avoid installing third-party updates and patches since they can cause more security issues than fix. In our previous articles on this subject of Microsoft and Google quarrel, we expressed doubts that the situation was not handled professionally. The full report about the bug from Google left millions of Microsoft OS users exposed to attacks and this is a result that should always be avoided. However, Google manages to get some praises for their report as ACROS Security does emphasize that the temporary fix would have been impossible without the information, provided by Project Zero.

ACROS Security fix for the vulnerability in Windows operating systems is definitely an option to consider as it is completely safe to use. It depends on your position whether you will select it.



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