Twitter starts a fight against spammers


There are numerous legitimate companies that have grown their businesses with a help of Twitter. However, spammers have also fallen in love with this platform. Examples of such love include abusive behavior and aggressive posting of tweets that are filled with harmful links leading to phishing or malware sites.

In order to stop that, Twitter has initiated civil lawsuit against the part of these spammers and filed documents in the US District Court in San Francisco last Thursday. Twitter is seeking to get $100,000 from Lucero, $75,000 from Harris, $75,000 from TweetAdder, $300,000 from TweetBuddy, and $150,000 from TweetAtttacks. These defendants are asked to pay the costs needed to ‘detect, monitor and fight spam, as well as respond to user complaints’. Besides, Twitter has also said that company will seek to shut down these spammers as well.

According to company, Twitter has become an unwilling host to malicious entities actively posting tweets with malicious links and including the @reply and @mention function to post unwanted messages to a user. However, many security experts say that this fight will require much money and strength from the company.

In this case, we can’t share some tips on how to avoid spammers on Twitter with our readers:

  • Check your Twitter account for malware and make sure you use reliable password.
  • Pay attention to your friends if they’re tweeting you with offers, prizes, contests and other stuff. Let them know about that.
  • Pay attention to recently-created Twitter usernames. If they are following a large number of people, they may belong for spammers.
  • Report about spammers directly from the offending account’s profile page.



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