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 0 is a malicious domain that is responsible for distributing System Care Antivirus rogue antivirus program. It’s a project created by cyber criminals who are seeking to steal money from computer users. The website looks just like a regular website presenting a security tool. The problem is that it is offering a malicious application that has nothing to do with your computer security. Purchasing a program from equals throwing your money away.

The owners of this malicious domain and creators of System Care Antivirus rogue antivirus are hoping that computer users visiting their website will fall for this scam and end up purchasing their useless program. Don’t be tricked by this scam. malicious website is distributing a rogue program. Once you install it to your system, you will have to face annoying experience and also lose your money. The program will try to convince you that your system is full of viruses that must be removed and offer purchasing a full version of System Care Antivirus. It will use all possible ways to make you believe that you must purchase this fake tool. you will get your system scanned with a fake scanner, your system will be bombarded with tons of security notifications and so on. That is how cyber criminals are earning money.

Most of the time you will be redirected to malicious domain when you already are infected and trying to remove infections that you were told about after having your system scanned. Have in mind that this program is completely fake and do not ever pay for its license. In order to solve the problems, you have to remove System Care Antivirus from your computer, once detect it. Below you can find a video giving details how to eliminate System Care Antivirus:


UPDATE: domain is no longer valid. It has been replaced by


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