Spammers use tax season for spreading Black Hole exploit kit


This time of the year can be called the ‘hard’ one almost by everyone. That’s because it’s the time of filling out the taxes and paying your part. Please, be aware that scammers have also set some pranks in order to use this situation successfully and swindle some money out of your account. One of such tax-related scams spreading around tries to convince their victims that their Income tax refund appeal has been rejected. However, what if the person hasn’t even applied for this refund yet? Think before you pay attention to such or similar letter:

Typically, such letters always include misleading link that leads to malicious website spreading malware. After clicking this link, javascript that is running in the background loads a page famous for hosting the Black Hole exploit kit which is currently the most popular exploit pack. You can feel safe with clicking on such links only if you have a reputable updated anti-spyware having all virus fixes in order to stop malware from entering your PC. However, we do NOT recommend that. Please, ignore such letters first of all. In addition, if you are not sure about email’s legitimacy, go directly to the IRS website. Another important thing you must have already realized is that you should always have a reputable anti-spyware program with all its updates in order to prevent virus intrusion on your computer.



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