Spammers use children to make easy attacks


We should all be aware of spam – constant browsing educates us and trains how to deal with it. Of course, spammers also realize this as well and know all about those business trainings or spam filtering technologies that cost thousands of dollars. That’s why it’s normal that they identically improve their methods on how they could attack PC users. In addition, it seems that spammers have also changed their potential victims and started to look at kids.

As soon as child start using his first email box, he starts receiving spam through various adds, like pharmaceuticals, financial or cooking. Though they haven’t been included in those attacks directly, now it seems that spammers design their spam messages only for them. That’s natural because children are more successful in using new technologies and more interested in playing computer games. That’s why spammers have started to spread various funny-looking arcade game websites that offer numerous types of online games. However, these domains are secretly infected with malware which attacks computers without any permission asked.

According to security companies, there are more than 60 arcade game sites found to be containing children-friendly content and infected with malware. That’s why parents should always be interested what pages their children tend to visit and how safe they are. In addition, having reputable security software (anti-virus and anti-spyware) installed is also very important if you want to prevent cyber criminals from accessing your PC and data which is stored there. Keep in mind that it must be constantly updated in order to have all virus fixes.


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