Secunia claims Internet users are at risk

A popular security company Secunia has released an annual report of breakdown of vulnerabilities. The report present a current situation of how various vulnerabilities are affecting certain software. It covers the period of 2006 and 2011. The analysis is based on security challenges that have been presented to software developers. Secunia reports that developers are seen as mainly improving performance of the programs and their functions. Unfortunately, they do not take software security that seriously.

According to Secunia, third party programs are responsible for the growth of vulnerabilities. 78% of vulnerabilities in 2011 affected third party programs while only 10% of vulnerabilities have been found in Microsoft programs. Stefan Frei, the researcher of Secunia is sure that many companies are not doing enough to ensure proper protection. The report also states that for an organization that has over 600 programs installed, more than 50% of the programs that are vulnerable this year, will not be vulnerable next year and vice versa.

Secunia encourages companies to have upgraded versions of all the programs without any exceptions to minimize the amount of vulnerabilities that can reach their systems.



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