Trojan.Ransom (Microsoft Security Antivirus) - How To Remove?

Type: Ransomware

Trojan.Ransom (Microsoft Security Antivirus) is known to be a backdoor trojan, which is designed to disable all software running on the PC, no matter if it is installed for computer’s protection or not. This trojan is able to detect and disable antivirus programs just after its intrusion, so additionally machine becomes open for other cyber threats that are let inside to infect the system. Finally, with a help of Microsoft Security Antivirus Trojan, hackers may also get an access to such private information as passwords or confidential messages. To unlock Windows and remove Trojan.Ransom, try entering these numbers:


Use free version of Malwarebytes to remove the infection ( )

Numbers to Call: 41001729647665, 89030064258, 89030064960, 89030065384, 89030139997
Source of removal codes:

Automatic Trojan.Ransom (Microsoft Security Antivirus) removal tools

Note: Reimage trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. You can remove detected files, processes and registry entries yourself or purchase a full version.  We might be affiliated with some of these programs. Full information is available in disclosure       

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2 thoughts on “Trojan.Ransom (Microsoft Security Antivirus)

  1. First, I know that Mozilla Firefox is not responsible for the Firefox Redirect Virus. Will Firefox in its next version correct the problem?

    Second, my browser has been unstable for months (nothing to do with Firefox although I have used it for months – long story). “Three” weeks ago my browser was so unstable I could barely open it up. Called Zone Alarm (my firewall and anti-virus) whose outsourced senior tech diagnosed ramsonicepool. Trojan horse
    took control of my PC “one” week ago, but did not steal my passwords, or bank account. There were seven infections. Worked like crazy, still took 3 hours on my PC and my wife’s laptop (share a common modem). $499.99. Installed Microsoft Security Essentials. Incompatible with ZA. No matter. I had planned to install a new hard drive, and reinstall ZA. Question? What could he have used to disinfect and keep ZA?

  2. First, this is not really appropriate post, as this is about fake MSE. Legitimate MSE is quite good.
    Second, Zone Alarm is not the best antivirus according to most of the tests. Personally, I do not use it, nor I plan to use it in near future.
    Third. Anti-Malware programs and second opinion scanners should handle these infections in most of the cases well enough. Hitman Pro scan can identify most of infections better than many of the antiviruses as it uses 5 av engines instead of one or 2. Malwarebytes, SAS are quite good free removal tools, and there are couple good commercial programs that work with most of antiviruses too.
    Fourth. 500 USD is a bit much for virus cleanup.

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