RPC Virus – Fake Message - How To Remove?

Type: Browser Hijacker

RPC Virus – is a fake alert message which claims that users need to update their antivirus and anti-spyware software because of the RPC Virus. It mostly reads something like that:

Remove the RPC Virus virus
Windows has detected RPC Virus, a known computer virus on your computer. RPC Virus has caused your computer to stop working properly.

Remove the RPC Virus virus from your computer
This problem was caused by RPC Virus, a known computer virus.
To prevent this problem from occurring again, install and run an up-to-date antivirus and antispyware program on your computer.
Click to go online to view a list of Microsoft and third-party security software.

However these updates are absolutely fake ones and are created for only encouraging people to install rogue program into their PCs. In reality, instead of these “updates” users just let a malware inside their machines which later starts pushing them into buying its licensed version.

Also considered a browser hijacker, RPC Virus is known to slow computer’s performance, change your Internet settings, add desktop shortcuts or change legitimate search websites. This is done for one and only purpose which is to make you think that computer is in danger. So, never trust fake message about RPC Virus found! Get a good reputable anti-spyware, up date it at first and run a full system scan.

Automatic RPC Virus - fake message removal tools

Note: Reimage trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. You can remove detected files, processes and registry entries yourself or purchase a full version.  We might be affiliated with some of these programs. Full information is available in disclosure 

RPC Virus – fake message screenshots


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3 thoughts on “RPC Virus – fake message

  1. I hate to break this to you. But that’s exactly what you’re doing. The message is from Windows’ own Action center in Windows 7.
    There are no installed programs encouraging installing or buying rouge AV’s,
    the only rouge AV involved is the one you’re pushing..Spyware Doctor.

    I recommend legit Antiviruses. Avast or Kaspersky. Comodo is a runner up for the two. Avast is simple, and powerful. (and free) Kaspersky is THE BEST AV in my opinion, but can be a bit much to configure. Comodo is good, but a bit of a resource hog.

  2. RJ : There are more than single rogue AV mimicking messages of Windows.
    Speaking about terms. Rogue antivirus is a product that displays fake alerts, and detects intentional false positives (infections, that they know they are not there). SD is none of that.
    SD is legitimate. People that claim otherwise either support single/couple products or haven’t got full information. PC Tools AV is tested in all virus tests ( AV module is not so good, i do not recommend it), it is included in services as virus total.
    I have not so good opinion about AVAST. Kaspersky is great, though I see no big reason to switch from ESET which I use for daily protection with other tools, including SD. Personally I have no opinion about Comodo.

  3. actually Kaspersky is the worst piece of shit I’ve ever run across.. Avast! is the BEST AV on the market hands down.

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