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PC Health Kit is a rogue antivirus program that seeks to convince computer user it’s a legitimate security tool that can help you with security issues. In fact it has been designed by cyber criminals for malicious purposes. The program infiltrates into computers with the help of Trojan viruses so the user would not be able to identify it. Once inside PC Health Kit makes some modifications in your system so it could easily perform all steps needed to trick the user.

The application is started with each system reboot. PC Health Kit imitates performing system scan and reports about numerous threats found on your machine. It recommends removing these files immediately by purchasing a full version of PC Heath Kit. Pay attention that the scanner appears out of nowhere and it doesn’t ask your permission to be run. The real reason why it creates these warnings is because it wants to make the user pay for this useless application and earn money this way.

Additionally to the fake scanner, the program also displays false security notifications and pop up messages which only scare you even more. These messages usually warn about some system errors and also recommends activating PC Health Kit. It’s a part of this scam and has nothing to do with the protection status of your computer. You should ignore both these messages and the scanner by this rogue application. This program is all about stealing money from you and you should never trust it.

Remove PC Heath Kit from your system immediately after detecting its very first steps on your computer. Run a full system scan using a reputable antispyware program, such as Spyhunter and get rid of this scam application. Don’t forget that you have to upgrade your security tool to its newest version to make sure it would remove all latest threats. If you had paid for this scam, contact your credit card company and dispute the charges.

Automatic PC Health Kit removal tools

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8 thoughts on “PC Health Kit

  1. I would like to stop my pc health kit at 7-29-013 not happy with it so I got a
    Norton please don’t take no more money from me..
    Don’t want PC Health kit NO MORE

  2. cannot find PC Health Kit on my computer to remove. I don’t want to pay another company, like Spyhunter who also says I have hundreds of problems that it will also fix if I pay them. Is it possible that it is hiding as Wajam which my search and destroy has found?

  3. yeah! Used Malwarebyte which got rid of my wajam problem and got rid of PC Health Kit, which I believe came with this laptop when I bought it. thanks

  4. I don’t recall who talked me into this but it hasn’t done one damn bit of good. I’ve had a couple of complete scans and removal of a lot and they were costly.
    So I don’t know why I needed this.

    From the comments it sounds like something I definitely don’t want in my computer.

    Please refund my money. I will be canceling it also with my credit card company.

    Do I need special instructions remove the program from my computer?


  5. PC health kit has installed itself on my PC and I cannot open anything else or run any other programmes. I can’t get past a blank screen?? Any ideas?

  6. Hi Michele. Try booting into safe mode and running scan with Malwarebytes or other software from there.
    You have got some sort of adware installed with PC Health Kit.

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