Antivirus XP Hard Disk Repair V9 - How To Remove?


Antivirus XP Hard Disk Repair v9 is a ransom Trojan that is based on fake alert reporting Trojan.Agent.ARVP. Pretending to be legitimate security application, this threat will declare that your machine is infected with Trojan.Agent.ARVP. However, only Antivirus XP Hard Disk Repair v9 is dangerous because it is capable to give only faked information while trying to scare its victims about the possible consequences of virus. No matter that it looks trustworthy, this Trojan is extremely dangerous as it rewrites the master boot record (MBR) what makes its victims disabled from booting into Windows. Antivirus XP Hard Disk Repair v9 warnings read:

Antivirus XP Hard Disk Repair v9
Your PC was infected with Trojan.Agent.ARVP. This is a computer virus created
especially to delete information from PCs of business competitors. Probably one
of your participated in this act, which was aimed to damage or even ruin your
All exciting information was encoded with resistant crypto algorithm EAS-256
which is impossible to decode with common methods. Reinstalling the operating
system will lead to DELETION OF ALL INFORMATION irretrievably.
Our company specialists succeeded in identification of vulnerable places in the
working algorithm of Trojan.Agent.ARVP virus and uploaded to your PC the special
version of Antivirus XP HardDiskRepair v9 so that you could have a chance to
recover your files. Our program received important HDDKey, which is urgently
important for decoding of the disks.
To cure your PC and decode all your disks you have to purchase the license for
Antivirus Hard Disk Repair v9 antivirus product and send us your HDDKey though
the license registration form.
Decoding the password will apply AMAZON cloud technologies and vulnerabilities
in the crypto algorithm EAS-256.
We require from one to twenty four hours to decode the password from your disks.
The password will be sent to your E-mail address.
License activation:
If the web-site is not available try again in several hours.

According to warning, you should immediately fill in the registration at if you want to get the HDDkey which will be generated according to your hardware configuration. Of course, money is required. However, there is no need to dream that scammers will send you this code, so never pay for it! You should rely on DrWeb’s free tool which will generate a passoword according to your HDDKey at This way will help you to boot into Windows as usually and run a full system scan with your anti-spyware to removeransomware.

Automatic Antivirus XP Hard Disk Repair v9 removal tools

Note: Reimage trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. You can remove detected files, processes and registry entries yourself or purchase a full version.  We might be affiliated with some of these programs. Full information is available in disclosure 

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