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Antivirus Plus is another rogue pretending being Microsoft’s recommended anti-malware tool. The trojan tries to mask the website in the hosts files, pretending it is legitimate microsoft website. A clear sign of AntiVirus Plus+ is entry like this in the HOSTS file : This entry should be removed once noticed. These fake Antivirus Plus alerts are provided by trojan installers coming through peer-2-peer networks, infected websites and bundled shareware products like Video codecs. Once free version of the AntiVirusPlus is installed and run, you will be informed about various spywares and trojans in your PC that no real security expert ever seen. They are all fakes! After scanning they ask to pay for “full” version of the software which “can remove” the parasites. After paying to them, you will never hear about them again and wont get any software. At least no useful one. Sometimes they just use credit card details couple more times to make a bigger hole in your pockets in these difficult times. You should not believe owners of this scumware and remove AntiVirus Plus from your PC as fast as possible instead. The reason for this is that such software might create backdoors for real parasites, that might use your PC to send spam, show other popups or try to get credit card infos and send them to criminals. Block using your HOSTS file.

Automatic Antivirus Plus removal tools

Note: Reimage trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. You can remove detected files, processes and registry entries yourself or purchase a full version.  We might be affiliated with some of these programs. Full information is available in disclosure

Manual removal


Important Note: Although it is possible to manually remove Antivirus Plus, such activity can permanently damage your system if any mistakes are made in the process, as advanced spyware parasites are able to automatically repair themselves if not completely removed. Thus, manual spyware removal is recommended for experienced users only, such as IT specialists or highly qualified system administrators. For other users, we recommend using Reimage or other tools found on


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47 thoughts on “Antivirus Plus

  1. Thanks for this information. I have started a volunteer Tech support to help people and I was able to use this information to remove the malware. Thanks again

  2. My roommate is having a hell of a time with her computer, and I am the one who gets to fix it. I love your site. It has made things so much easier for me. Keep on rockin’

  3. Ok thank you for this antivirus-plus kept on poppoing up as i was playing video games and made me lose a tun of stuff i needed got really anoyying thanks again. 😀

  4. Great topic, my boss has this virus, strangely i’ve manually removed these files and more (before i have read your topic) and still the popup comes up.

    I’m going to reinstall it anyway because the pc was slow anyway 😛


  5. Hello,
    It appeares that my Laptop is infected with the Antivirus Plus scum ware. It keeps popping up and wont let me logon to the web. It looks like my IP address is changed. What can I do to remove it. I cant even log on to the web to download mailware remover. Please help.

  6. I have a problem with the rundll32 inside the folder system, the access to delete it is denied… how can I don if I can not exit from the program antivirusplus

  7. Thank you so much…
    Deleting rundll32 from the system folder stopped it. It also got removed form the system try. Hope fully its gone for Good.

  8. I downloaded the spyware doctor and it says it removed all the infections. So I restarted my computer and the Antivirus Plus still keeps coming up. What do I do?

  9. i have 2 rundll32.exe in my process, which is the negative one? and if i download the remover can it be removed after its used to remove anti virus plus?

  10. p.s. i am using clam as my virus protection, will it find it and help me to remove it? instead if downloading yet another program?

  11. Check which is run under your and which is run under system. The one under your username should be false. Also, viruses change the file/process names sometimes.
    Speaking about clam, i am not a big fan of it. If your version is fully updated, then it can not remove the trojans and the rogue.

  12. I am unable to delete the rundll32.exe it says I don’t gave permission. I bought mcafee antivirus plus but it does identify the program. What should I do I’m about to start finals. 🙁

  13. Rundll32.exe might be both legitimate program and trojan pretending to be a legitimate program. You need to take care while deleting this one.

  14. my daughter has antivirus plus – cant remove it, has mcafee but cant find it. cant seem to install and use windows defender either.
    tried everything on google – can not access run, task manager, even notepad to copy vbs script option. cant get restore to work, cant get into registry.
    is there anything else we can try – still trying to find restore disk.
    windows xp

  15. J : Define what is fake website 🙂 We give free removal instructions that work for many. Also, we recommend using good products, and not a single product like fake ones.

  16. hi i have this on my pc but i cant seem to remove it could i please have a simple run on what to do i know its sounds stupid but i would like to get rid of it before it completly screws me over

  17. First go to ur taskmanager and go to processes then end the antivirusplus.exe if its there and the rundll32 if u got 2 rund then just end both. Then go to ur register (windows key + r and type in regedit) and delete the stuff it says here on the site (click on run instead that + mark) then go to C:documents and settings/user/application data and uhm not sure anymore but it should be a antivirusplus map and icon. after that go to c:\WINDOWS\system\rundll32.exe and delete it aswell. Also it might be useful to double check and if it isnt in system map then its in system32 think it depends on the version of ur windows also u need to check internet wich stuff is implented (dunno english word for it) its at extra it ends with manage … theres also an antivirusplus file that need to be disabled also disable all things thats not related to microsoft this should be all. once i did this it got fixed and if rundll keeps coming back u need to get in safe mode

  18. hi
    i ran AVG and spybot when i was infected. I “healed” all the infected files. Now i have a issue where i cannot reboot my pc. When i restart it boots up but logs out as soon as i boot up.



  19. I tried your steps the only step i was able to complete is deleting rundll32 i found it under system 32 all other steps didnt work because i kept getting that pop out denied access…i need help @WesleyB

  20. Hi I did have antivirus plus but now i think it’s gone. The problem is that my internet has completly stopped working. I don’t know if this is related but I could desperatly have some advice on the issue. Thanks.

  21. Hi

    My friend’s computer has been infected twice in a week by two different versions of this virus. Unfortunately, the only way I could get rid of it (he is not very tech savvy) was to reload windows by running the computer in debugging mode (when I tried to boot the computer in any other mode, including “safe” mode, it just crashed before loading windows and re-booted on a continuous cycle). The virus turned off his genuine anti-virus program and when I tried to delete the virus program file (running in debugging mode)it denied access with an error message saying the file itself was infected with a virus. I tried running regedit and the same thing occurred. Everything I tried was either blocked with the bogus “file infected” message, or “administrator has blocked access to this file” (I was running in the administrator account). I have never seen anything take over a system like this thing!

  22. I’m having the same problem as sylvester. Started getting the stupid Antivirus plus messages and therefore started looking online to find how to get rid of it. However, the more I used the computer the more it messed up. Then is shut itself down. When I try to boot it up, it doesn’t even get all the way through the Windows XP load screen before restarting itself…in a horrific never ending process. How to get rid of it now???

  23. I can’t stop the executables because getting to the actual task manager is blocked. Telling me the admin took away my permissions to use it.

  24. I don’t think anyone can solve this issue fully. Since the info I have on my laptop is not critical. I never put account numbers on there, I’m going to have to reformat the C drive. This sucks and I’d like to meet the guy that made this program so I could give him/her a piece of my mind and more. =0)

  25. I definitely am infected with Antivirus Plus. I have Spyware doctor and Malware Anti-Malware (renamed to try and trick the virus) on a flash drive ready to go, but I cannot log onto Windows XP. I’m assuming this is caused by the virus? I have tried to log on to Windows in Normal and Safe Mode, and my computer acts likes it trying, but simply will not log on. Any advice? Thanks.

  26. Brian: Try repairing PC instalation if you got install disks. You got little option as long as you can’t log into windows.

  27. @shay
    I need help getting this damn program off my computer. I cannot get to the internet to download anything. How can I complain about this.


  28. had the above error and have removed everything i could however now i cant connect to windows update at all, and when i go into services to check i dont have a windows update service listed on xp. Not sure where to start to fix this.. can anyone help me out?

  29. melissa :had the above error and have removed everything i could however now i cant connect to windows update at all, and when i go into services to check i dont have a windows update service listed on xp. Not sure where to start to fix this.. can anyone help me out?

    correction had the above virus and have cleaned it fully cept for the above happening. there might be other services but this is all i can find missing…

  30. Melissa: have you done scans with anti-spyware/malware tools? If not, it is highly advisable, as this might be a symptom that a vundo infection is still present.
    If not, then we will try to get you a registry/services fix to reenable windows updates.

  31. ive run online scans, nod scans, adware, malwarebytes, spybot s&d, i can suppy hijack reports on request. i beleive it gone buh hey im willing to try anything currently.

    i orginally received the virus from a online site called surfthechannel dot com, it was the antivirus plus one.
    Occasionally nod blocks a web site, that may relate back to this, not sure, but every scan i throw at it can’t seem to find any remanents.

    any help would be appreciated

    ta and thanks in advance

  32. It works. Some information might be changed by time which are:
    1. The registry key was named in my m/c windows 7 was: “vayeras”
    2. Value of registry key was “rundll32” ….
    3. I deleted file c:\windows\system32\yirumun.dll.manifest

    any ways, thanks

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