Ramnit financial worm is spread on Facebook

Isreali researchers Seculert report about financial malware named Ramnit which is currently spreading through Facebook. Be aware about this worm because you can lose your login information just like thousands of other users registered on this social network. Since the September 2011 to December, Ramnit has already managed to steal login information from more than 45,000 of people, mostly living in United Kingdom and France.

The new version of Ramnit worm is believed to have some portions of Zeus Trojan’s source code what helps for it to spread and steal information more successfully. This worm tricks its victims by showing wall posts that link to malicious websites helping to steal Facebook users’ account information and using it to target their online banking details. In addition, this worm has also been found to take a page from the Zeus Trojan and, according to Seculert, “bypass two-factor authentication and transaction signing systems, gain remote access to financial institutions, compromise online banking sessions and penetrate several corporate networks.

There is a high possibility that Ramnit is used not for banking credentials only – many people use the same passwords for other services, like Facebook, Gmail, Corporate SSL VPN, Outlook Web Access and others. That’s why it is highly recommended using different passwords on different sites and accounts. In addition, the length of the password is also very important if you want to avoid finding it cracked.


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