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Online Protection Tool (also can be called as OnlineProtectionTool) is nothing else but a rogue anti-spyware which is guaranteed for PC users to be a useful program designed for keeping computers protected. In fact, nothing how OnlineProtectionTool is described is true. This program is a totally fake and detects invented viruses trying to make people scared. The main goals why this badware was invented are commercials only, so the ones that will be infected by Online Protection Tool will definitely be offered purchasing so called “full” its version.

Manipulative techniques applied by Online Protection Tool usually start with fabricated system scanners pretending to check infected computer for malware. Program will ensure its victims that hundreds of Trojans, worms, hijackers and other cyber threats are detected and will interrupt every five minutes into their browsing. What is more, Online Protection Tool is known to generate fake pop-up ads and security notifications either that also give the same misleading information, for example:

YOUR BROWSER IS UNDER THE THREAT OF INFECTION. Windows requires your permission to install online protection tool.

Your browser is run in unsafe mode. Running the protection mode will help you to keep your computer safe. Staying at the suspicious website is unsafe mode my lead to the loss of personal data and computer breakage. To run the web browser in protected mode windows requires installing the certified antivirus scanner software and online protection tool.

As a result, people usually become concerned about their infected “machines” and that’s what creators of this virus seek. Online Protection Tool is presented to be the only helpful solution for cleaning the system though in reality it is the only program which must be deleted. Keep in mind that Online Protection Tool does all these annoying activities trying to get you into paying for its “licensed” version! All its numerous pop-up ads urging to get the commercial version will last until you remove Online Protection Tool. Scan your machine for malware like this one and delete Online Protection Tool with all its associated data.


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I have been working with project for a while now and I would like to think that our research team has managed to raise awareness about cyber security. I study the newest infections, help out with manual instructions and answer questions that our users might have.


14 thoughts on “Online Protection Tool

  1. This is JUNK. What this does is go in and resets your DNS servers to point to theirs – which causes the browser popup. What their DNS servers also do is block you from and other virus sites. Go and correct your DNS settings and all disappears. ALL OTHER STORIES/RESOLUTIONS ARE CRAP. IT’S A MALWARE COMPANY SCAM!!!!

  2. Dr Smithers : wrong. It is impossible to change DNS without accessing PC or router. Thus there has to be a dormant infection somewhere: Trojan, maybe rootkit. Your “resolution” is just closing your eyes and not seeing real problem.


    I first tried PC Tools Spyware Doctor but the virus blocks browsers from SD’s online updates so it was useless, so I thought. The virus also blocked Microsoft Automatic Updates as well as AVG Auto Updater.

    Then I bought PC Tools Registry Mechanic… same problem, couldn’t update virus database definitions.

    Finally I downloaded Malwarebyte’s Anti-Malware, the free version, and after a couple of restarts it isolated the bad registry keys and I was able to run both Spyware Doctor, Reg Mechanic, AVG, and install the virus definitions dbase.

    Now all is dandy and I’m a happy camper again… 🙂

    My suggestion is to download and run Malwarebyte’s Anti-Malware FIRST. Then use your standard virus scan to remove Online Protection Tool.

    This is your solution guys.

  4. Dr Smithers,

    Thank you. I have been trying to update anti – virus/ malware removals to get rid of this program. Your solution works and is much eaiser than combo fix and all the other solutions other sites were giving out. Turing off the DNS allowed me to update and remove the program.

    Thanks again

  5. @Dr Smithers
    For those that dont know how.
    1. Right click network places -> properties
    2. Right click on network connection -> properties
    3. Scroll to TCP IP and click properties
    4. Change the DNS Server back to your router
    5. Update Malwares and Antivirus and do a complete scan

  6. Thanks hale, the Malwarebyte’s free version worked great. In my case I had to shut down the computer and then restart it in Safe mode to be able to install Malwarebytes. First I tried in normal mode but it was impossible to access the install file. I also ran Malwarebyte’s scanner in safe mode and after a few minutes it was completed and I could remove all the bullshit.

  7. Anti-MalwareBytes says it finds the redirect DNS programs AND the fake dialog box things, says it deletes them, then i rebooted and sure enuff it happened again, Anti-Mallwarebytes DOESNT WORK

  8. JM: I would recommend using spyware doctor. Apparently malwarebytes can not detect Online PRotection Tool rogue fully in your case and its removal process is disabled. Free version of malwarebytes does not have real-time protection module activated, it might be the cause why removal on reboot fails.

  9. @hale
    To stop the popup from appearing, note the IP address of the popup (appears on the url line of the browser, most recent is registered to interserver, Inc) bring up you blocker (ADBLOC, et al) and insert a filter for that IP adress which blocks all pages from that IP)… This does not cure the infection after the fact, it simply gets rid of the pop-up.

  10. I have a MacBook, and I’m wondering why I get this stupid thing on my screen all the F-ing time. I don’t understand the directions for removing it. Could someone walk me through it for a Macbook? Thanks.

  11. Lizzienyc : You should not get infected on macbook. However, you might visit bad websites that advertise products like that.

  12. @admin

    Thanks for the answer, but what I’m trying to do is to keep from having this screen pop up ALL THE TIME. Any suggestions for that? Also, my computer is running slowly these days, and I’m wondering if it’s bec. of this thing.

    Thank you!

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