One of Microsoft’s Gold Partners is blamed for telephone support scam


One of the certified gold partner’s of Microsoft has been found to be related with a scam of telephone support! Comantra, known to be based in India, has fooled many computer users in the UK, Australia, Canada and elsewhere by notifying its victims about dangerous virus attack and then offering the assistance of cleaning it up. Of course, its employees were notifying its victims that they represent Microsoft.

The reason of making people believe that their computers are infected was gaining the remote access to their computers and stealing their credit card details next. Comantra ‘technicians’ have even managed to report that computer virus infection was caused by a heavy rain!

Comantra is found to have been continuing these scam telephone calls for over 18 months, so there is a chance that these may still be used to trick PC users. Make sure that you and your family members are aware about such scam and ignore all tech support calls telling about infections found on the computer and asking credit card details next.



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