Netgear: Was its Journey to Perfection Fruitless?

In our previous article, we barely picked up the topic about a vulnerability which has detected to be present in products, supplied by Netgear. Our article initiated a quite brief investigation to discover only a small fraction about the detected flaw. So to say, our purpose was to inform visitors about incident itself, not the events that followed. Soon enough, a dispute began whether Netgear acted ignorantly and chose to intentionally disregard the flaw in their routers. Many security researchers had to choose who to side with, but generally, this topic seems to be a little exaggerated. Vulnerabilities are detected everyday in even the most notorious applications, services, products or etc. Requiring an authority to quickly respond is not as easy as many people might assume. Pedro Ribeiro, the security researcher that found out about the insecure routers claims to have contacted the people from Netgear. According to many researchers, Netgear showed an ignorant attitude towards it clients by taking too long to find fixes for the vulnerabilities in their routers. Criticism extended even further with media attacking Netgear for its supposedly careless actions.

It would be quite easy to throw stones at Netgear, since it is difficult to actually establish a middle ground between people that are rooting and praising Netgear, and those who find it incompetent. Truth be told, Netgear did not necessarily had to fix the detected vulnerabilities since this is not an obligation that router companies frequently make. However, Netgear did release a firmware that is supposed to fix all of the vulnerabilities that might allow hackers to gain remote control over a computer device. You might argue that with such invasion at stake, Netgear should have immediately responded. Nevertheless, better late than never, right? Now, it is possible to find all of the necessary information and download a fix. You can find it here.

Of course, both of the disputing sides have a point. At one hand, Pedro Ribeiro could have done more to address this issue himself rather than simply blaming Netgear for acting carelessly. On the other, we have to admit that Netgear possibily could have solved this issue faster. It is possible that the company did no intend to ruin their reputation for one mistake. Whichever the case, we are glad that the issue got sorted out and if some attention from the media is the fuel that triggers companies to act, then so it be.



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