Multi-name rogue applications are back infecting new systems


A huge family of multi name rogue applications malware infections has been recovered and keeps infecting new computer systems. With the ability to change its name according to the operating system that is run on a computer, this rogue antispyware program badly complicates work for many computer users.

The badware may appear on the system under the name of Win 7 Antivirus 2012, Vista Total Security 2012, XP Antispyware 2012 and similar variations. As you can guess the first part of the name depends on the operating system that you are using. Despite the name that is used when the rogue infiltrates into the system, is creates the same the consequences. Each infected computer user experiences the same problems. Each system reboot is followed by unwanted scans, pop up messages and, most importantly, the program constantly redirects you to the websites where you are offered to purchase a full version of a program. If you pay, you lose the money straight away as it goes to the computer hackers.

In order to get inside the computers, the program imitates a Windows update so you have no clue that there might be some problem. Once inside the computer the program is configured to start automatically and it pretends looking for infections there. Then you will receive a screen of scan results which will show a bunch of infections supposedly existing on your computer. Beware that rogue programs are not able to detect any infections.

As you understand, the creators of this program only want to get your money so they use plenty of different methods to convince you into purchasing a fake program. Please remove Win 7 Antispyware 2012, Vista Home Security 2012, XP Security 2012 or any other fake program that comes under a similar name as soon as possible with a reputable antispyware program. Do not hesitate and get rid of this badware once infected.


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3 thoughts on “Multi-name rogue applications are back infecting new systems

  1. Hi where it came from ill never know but it came as a Microsoft security update pop up like real MS S updates i clicked ok and bang nothing no browsers no programs no registry nothing will open it blocks all, even in safe mode my question is if i run an anti-virus from a CD do u think that would work that is if the D drive will run the CD ps. Vista Antspyware 2012

  2. I had a similar rogue virus weeks ago (“system fix”) so I noticed the signs INSTANTLY when I saw these fake scans with all of those pop-up messages. However, this virus unlike system fix, WILL NOT allow me to browse the internet in order to download “reputable anti-spyware program”… Suggestions? Also, should I figure out how to access the internet from my computer, which spyware programs do you recommend for download? Are there EASY steps to manually delete this program without damaging my whole system? I know that rogue viruses are programmed to do nasty things when you try and fail to remove them. Please help! I’m no computer expert!

  3. Jillian : You need to kill malware process before downloading software. You can do so with pressing ctrl+shift+esc and finding malware process under process tab. Read the guide for specific parasite.

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