KickAssTorrents is serving Security Sphere 2012

According to security experts, KickAssTorrents ( which receives a really high traffic (more than 1.5 million unique visitors per month) has been found to be spreading malware through malvertising. Though just in the beginning of October its creators said that they can assure their users that KickassTorrents has no malware or viruses of any kind and it is absolutely safe to use, KickAssTorrents’ OpenX cplatform has been found to be compromised and serving browser exploits. So, simple browsing on this website with outdated browsing platform results in getting dangerous rogue anti-spyware program called Security Sphere 2012. And no clicks are needed!

You must know that Security Sphere 2012 is dangerous malware which refuses to be uninstalled without purchasing. It pretends to be reputable anti-malware solution which is powerful to detect and remove various cyber threats. However, the real thing it does is cripple user’s ability to use your PC and block critical system services. So, it seems like attackers are trying to spread their malware in more and more unexpected ways.



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