Ignore fake Facebook account removal messages!


We must warn you about the latest scam seen on Facebook which is based on faked letter reporting that you have violated Facebook’s policies. Such letters include a link to a page mimicking Facebook and requiring many personal details and financial information. If you get such letter, be sure to ignore the message supposedly sent by a social network’s Team.

After clicking on a link, given in this fake Facebook’s message, user is asked to fill in three forms: first one asks to share such details as user’s mail login details, other – the type of victim’s credit card and its first six numbers. As you may have already realized, if you fall into this scam, there is a huge possibility to lose your credit card details, Facebook and email accounts. Additionally, you may find that your credit card information was used for fraudulent activities.

In most of the cases, victims report about such letters, saying:

LAST WARNING : Your account is reported to have violated the policies that are considered annoying or insulting Facebook users. Until we system will disable your account within 24 hours if you do not do the reconfirmation.

Please confirm your account below:

[malicious link]

The Facebook Team
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We highly recommend to ignore messages such as these. Make sure you login to Facebook by accessing the login page through a bookmark or by typing in the Facebook main URL and never share your personal information in such forms like these.

Source: net-security.org


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