Flashback Mac trojan is replaced by SabPub


You may have already heard about Flashback trojan virus that was spotted in the middle of November, 2011. However, have you known that it has infected around 650,000 of Mac computers? It seems that Mac users should also be aware about another Trojan, SabPub. As security experts report, this virus has been found to open the backdoors of the system for attackers and additionally hack the browser of the target PC. For its secret infiltration, Backdoor.OSX.SabPub.a seems to be using the malformed Microsoft Word document – as soon as this document is opened, virus starts working on the target PC.

As it should has been expected, SabPub Trojan is totally different, so it is likely to infect more people than previous its versions. Some security experts claim that bot’s operation is done manually by other person who is on the other end trying to steal personal information. Besides, SabPub may be connected to Tibetan activists because one of malformed documents has been found to be related to an announcement of Dalai Lama. However, in order to get infected by SabPub, your Mac computer should be vulnerable, so if you want to avoid loosing your sensitive information, avoid opening documents sent by untrustworthy sources and also make sure you have the right protection.

Source: techspot.com


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