February rogue overview

The final week of February was much easier for PC users because of the drop down that was noticed in Multi-name rogue family known for Win 7 Internet Security 2012, XP Antivirus 2012 and other its members. Typically changing their names according to the OS they find on the target PC, these Multi-name rogues have been found to be renewed in the end of the last year. According to our readers, these scams have been massively spreading on February through fake updates and free system scanners. However, now they seem to be gone for good.

Though PC users may have thought they will be safe from viruses for a while, scammers have surprisingly renewed Security Shield rogue anti-spyware instead. This rogue is known to be released in the end of 2010 where it was used as a replacement for Security Tool malware. Just like earlier versions, this version of Security Shield has been found to be completely annoying and really hard to remove. According to its victims, this scam makes it impossible to download the anti-spyware program and only entering the executable file straight to the address bar has been helping for victims to kill Security Shield on the PC. The latest threat released by the same scammers is Smart Fortress 2012 that is expected to replace Security Shield completely and continue misleading job of this family of malwares in the future, so be aware.

Together with Smart Fortress 2012, there has been seen the increase of new version of Rogue.FakeVimes family of rogues. Though they seem to be changing each other almost every day, neither Windows Shield Tool, nor Windows Firewall Constructor or Windows Trojans Sleuth haven’t infected much PC users yet. However, you should also keep in mind about this group of rogues that has potential to start malicious activity against unaware users.


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