Fake Royal Mail emails are used to spread malware

Reputable name of ‘Royal Mail’ has been illegally used by cyber criminals to spread their officially looking but completely misleading emails distributing malware. Reporting about the package which was too large to be delivered by a courier to victim’s address, these emails also have ZIP file attached. This file has been found to have Trojan horse inside, so clicking on it simply leads people into unexpected Trojan horse infection.

To make this Trojan distribution process successful, scammers have been using addresses looking like real Royal Mail customer’s service emails, such as customer@royalmail.com or customer_service@royalmail.com. Note that you should never open the files got from these addresses. Besides, pay attention to these subjects of scam letters pretending to be sent from Royal Mail because they can vary:

• Get your parcel No…
• Error in the delivery address No….
• You should come to the Royal Mail office and receive a package
• Cancellation of the package delivery
• Track your parcel No….
• Track your shipment No….
• A package is available for reception
• You should come to the Royal Mail office and receive a package
• Delivery Problem
• Royal Mail Delivery information

Using names of reputable companies for spreading malware is nothing new these days. However, more and more users report about misleading letters got from delivery companies, such as Royal Mail. Before you fall into such trickery and click on attachments, think if you are really waiting for a parcel. In addition, always have licensed version of anti-spyware program installed in order to prevent secret intrusion of such cyber threats as Trojans or other malware.

Source: nakedsecurity.sophos.com


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