European Football Championships 2016 Makes Excellent Bait for Spam Campaigns

Spammer activities tend to exacerbate before and during such huge events as international football tournaments. Euro 2016, that is going to be held in June in France, is not an exception. Experts have already detected related spam appearances.

The spam appears in the form of lottery notifications devoted to the upcoming football competitions. It possesses graphics and logos of the Euro 2016 and its promoters to make it seem as an official lottery. The text of the notification conveys the standard stuff declaring that the lottery is official, the receiver is chosen at random and if you want to get the prize, you have to answer the e-mail and give the certain required personal information. The text might not be identical in every case, but the points mentioned are always listed.

These e-mails with attachments of lottery notifications are being sent from numerous e-mail addresses. The text of the prize winning notification include different contact e-mails. These spam e-mails might include offers to purchase a 2-euro memorial coin, written in different languages. Later might show up e-mails declaring one a winner of the tickets to the games. As it was the case with the World Cup in Brazil.

These spam attacks will definitely become more frequent when the UEFA European Championships will be inevitably approaching and, especially, during the Championships.

We highly advise you not to open the described e-mails and their attachments as they are the potential carriers of such malicious infections as ransomware. As a consequence, your computer system and files can be harmed.



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