Don’t fall for Google Antivirus alert


Be careful when visiting popular websites, such as Google, Bing or others because they may be hacked by cyber criminals. If you find yourself redirected to the page that claims that Google systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer and that you should purchase Google Antivirus, leave this page immediately! In addition, keep in mind that there is no such application as Google AV, so there is no point of downloading and installing this program on your machine. That’s just another trick used by hackers to steal the money from PC users.

According to GFI researchers, cyber criminals have altered some popular search pages to redirect their visitors to malicious page that seems to be powered by Google. Just like any other malicious page, this one starts typically reporting about numerous viruses detected on the system. Victim is also reported that if not downloaded, the system will block the access to Google services:

“Google systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer. Please check you PC on viruses. To continue, please download and install our antivirus software. [DOWNLOAD button] or our system will block your access to Google services”.

Security experts recommend ignoring this alert and never downloading Google Antivirus which in reality is malicious Trojan.Win32.Fakeav.tri. As it is new virus, your anti-malware program may fail to detect the exe file as malicious one, so ignore any suspicious antivirus software you are offered online.



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