Browsing the Darkweb Could be Considered as a Sign of Terrorism


UK Police have reported that a person who is browsing the dar web, has an increased risk of committing a crime related to terrorism. It is not a secret that United Kingdom experienced a decent amount of  terrorism attacks lately and the security against it is raised. Terrorism prevention takes place not only on the streets, but on blue screens as well.

London police authorities handed out leaflets concerning security. Probably the most interesting thing is that emphasis was focused ahead to activities on the Internet – browsing the darkweb, to be more particular. Original text of the flyer:

Be aware of what is going on around you—of anything that strikes you as different or unusual, or anyone that you feel is acting suspiciously—it could be someone you know or even someone or something you notice when you are out and about that doesn’t feel quite right

On the same leaflet there is a list of things, that could serve as an indicator that a person is interested in committing terrorism attack or supporting terrorism, and one of the thing on that list is ‘visiting the Darkweb’. Nowadays Internet is a number one tool regarding communication and gathering communities of people of the same mindset and ideas, this authorities fear that it can become a niche for terrorist to share ideas and grow stronger. While regular Internet can be controlled and tracked pretty easily, the darkweb can present an opportunity to communicate anonymously, providing terrorist with the ultimate tool. As stated by the police, it can be used as an instrument for terrorist propaganda, smuggling weapons or even raising funds.

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It is kind of a huge deal in western Europe – you can easily purchase a rifle in Netherlands by browsing the darkweb and Germany even created a special police unit with a goal to reveal and fight terrorism online. Internal Affairs minister in France revealed that Darknet is a gathering place for terrorist organisations:

ISIL’s activities on the Surface Web are now being monitored closely, and the decision by a number of governments to take down or filter extremist content has forced the jihadists to look for new online safe havens. The Dark Web is a perfect alternative as it is inaccessible to most but navigable for the initiated few – and it is completely anonymous.

Even though authorities around the world are doing their best to fight terrorism and monitor illegal activities on the darkweb, solution to this problem yet to come. It might be dangerous to visit this dark side of the Internet even if you do it out of curiosity, thus we highly suggest to keep off of it.


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