AV-Test.com Has Tested 19 Internet Security Programs

AV-Test.com has done a comparative review of 19 Internet security suites for the third quarter of 2010. The Software was tested on Windows XP according to their scope in protection, repair and usability. AV-Test.com is a service provider for IT security testing and consultancy services. Every year they test many antivirus, antimalware, personal firewals and other security related products. Even though these tests shouldn’t be taken at its face value, it is important to understand that Internet security program is a necessity in order to protect your system from all kinds of infections, for example, rogue antispyware programs such as, ThinkPoint, Security Tool, etc.

A product has been certified if the sum of all three criteria was at least 12 points. Many computer experts have been surprised about Microsoft Security Essentials not passing the certification. However, this can be partly explained by the fact that Microsoft Security Essentials is an antivirus and antimalware program but it doesn’t have firewall protection.

It should also be mentioned that PC Tools Internet Security 2010/2011 has been recognized as one of the best security tools, receiving high points in protection and repair criteria, which means a good malware detection, including zero day attacks and rootkit removal.

AV-Test.com has published 16 vendors out of 19. A review of three more products hasn’t been revealed yet due to ongoing discussions about them. Nevertheless, this kind of tests help in forming general impression about current Internet security programs and gives some advice while choosing the best security tool for you.


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