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 0 has been recently announced by computer experts as a malicious domain which needs to be avoided. The reason of such decision was the product, aggressively promoted on this website. To be more precise, it was a Security Suite fake anti-virus, which reports invented cyber threats to make users convinced that they really need to purchase its license. On, people get totally misleading information about Security Suite. They are made to believe that this rogue anti-spyware is a cutting edge application which will powerfully protect every computer having security issues inside. However, in reality it’s not true.

You may enter accidentally, but you may also find yourself redirected there without any permission asked. This technique is done with Trojans viruses’ help that download such malwares like this one through security vulnerabilities found. Once installed, Security Suite starts displaying fake alerts and pop-up ads that announce about numerous viruses detected and offer a protection. After clicking on these notifications or when you simply browse the Web, you will finally find yourself redirected to According to computer experts, it is done with a help of browser hijacker which secretly changes LAN settings to make these redirections successful.

It should be clear that such websites like are not created for promoting legitimate products. Don’t fall into such trap and use legitimate updated anti-spyware for stopping redirections to Moreover, remove Security Suite if you find any trace of its existence on your PC. Here is a removal guide which you can use.


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