SuperAntiSpyware Review


SuperAntiSpyware is an up and coming anti-spyware tool to surface on the Web. Boasting an excellent next-generation spyware removal engine, SuperAntiSpyware is a fresh and ambitious application.

User Interface

SuperAntiSpyware features a highly intuitive user interface that can be learned in a matter of minutes. Several buttons in the main menu show different available tasks, suited for both casual computer users and IT specialists. The Preferences section might be a bit bulky for beginners, but it is presented in the easiest way possible.

Database Size

SuperAntiSpyware features a large malware definition database and is able to eliminate most parasitic threats. Plus, their acclaimed Multi-Dimensional Scanning technology tracks malware code patterns and may remove parasites not present in the database.

Engine Technology

SuperAntiSpyware features their own patented engine technologies to eliminate malware from infected systems. Process Interrogation Technology is one of SuperAntiSpyware’s distinctive features that blocks all malicious processes no matter where they are hiding on your system.

Real-time Protection

SuperAntiSpyware features reliable and powerful real-time protection that uses few system resources, interfering only when a malicious threat is detected.

Real-Time Update

SuperAntiSpyware features daily update. The response of the staff to new malware threats on the Web is impressively fast and timely. 

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