Spyware Vendors Try to Clear Their Public Images

The creators of such spyware parasites as Zango and Vomba are trying to present themselves as legitimate software designers. Benedelman.org puts up several different examples of how spyware vendors try to raise their reputation as reputable software applications.

According to a benedelman.org article “Spyware Still Cheating Merchants and Legitimate Affiliates”, Zango has sued PC Tools for detecting and removing their spyware program. The author of the article presents an in depth analysis on the methods of Zango’s advertising, and clearly proves that Zango is a spyware application.

The fact that Zango uses its software to offer a competitor while a user is browsing a commercial website has not diverted Zango’s efforts of trying to shed their activities in the best possible light.

The next several attempts at spyware program activity analysis also prove the malicious intent of such programs as Vomba, Ccg360, Lynxtrack, LinkShare, Look2me, MyGeek, cshoppingdeals, Apluswebdeals and Web Nexus.

All in all, it seems that more and more spyware vendors try to attract some publicity to themselves as respectable software by claiming that they are doing a completely legitimate work. As far as publicity stunts go, such attempts at PRing their products mught turn out as a disaster. However, the clumsiness of the legal system of USA just might prove to be beneficial for the creators of spyware. Looks like we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. 


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